IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 | JEE Topper | Cut-Off marks | Rankings

IIT JEE advanced results 2013 will be declared on 23rd  june 2013 of this month on the official website www.http://jee.iitd.ac.in/. The names of the JEE Topper ,Cut-Off marks along with the Rankings will be provided once the IIT JEE advanced results 2013 are out. The joint entrance exam 2013 includes programs for undergraduates in all the 16 IIT’s and also for Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. The Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam  advanced was held on 2nd June and IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 is due on 23rd of June 2013.

The most important exam for engineering is and will always will be IIT JEE for an Indian origin students, from all over the nation students are waiting anxiously for this will decide their future , if they do get selected it is a dream come true for an engineering aspirant to get in the top notch college of the country.

IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 | Official Website 

Students can check their IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 on the official website www.http://jee.iitd.ac.in/ on 23rd June 2013 .After the results being declared selected candidates will be required to fill the choices offered by the IIT’s and ISM between 24th June till 3rd July . 1.5 Lakh students who were short-listed from JEE(main) were allowed to give the advanced paper and this second round is the one through which the cream of talented genius minds are searched and are recruited.

IIT JEE Advanced results 2013|JEE Topper

The answer keys to both the papers ,paper 1 and paper 2 are available on the IIT JEE website so as to students can check their answers . Also students can check their answer booklet from 14th to 17th June and if something has to be reviewed it will be charged with  500rs  per question  , bit  high but then the amount of applicants is also large .

IIT has no wonder has made a mark on the global level , IIT Delhi has been ranked 212th position with a score 47.89 ahead of IIT Bombay  with a score of 46 other than that IIT Kanpur ranked 278th position and having a score of 40.32. These ranking might not look real appealing but at the global level the trust in the education, practicality and intelligence are the factors the top recruiters are always going after an IIT’ian over fellow colleges recruits.

 IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 | JEE Topper | Cut-Off marks | Rankings

Even though the college might not be in the top 200 at the world stage, but we can proudly say some of the branches are in the top 50 on the global level and are recognized all over the world , Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi is ranked the 37th best department globally scoring  75.10, while Indian Institute of Science, IIT Bombay and IIT Madras are also manage to be among top 100. Similarly Civil  & Structural Engineering is considered best of IIT Bombay in India followed by IIT Madras then again Chemical Engineering is considered best of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi also IIT Kanpur and Kharagpur .

So the main point to ponder upon is not only the college which you pick but also the branch which you are interested in and the global stature you get from choosing the right decision . Keep visiting our site for more updates regarding the results, Cutoffs and counselling   related queries and information. All the best for the students waiting for their IIT JEE Advanced results 2013 , hope you clear your Cut-Off marks with decent Ranking in the JEE result also congratulation in advance to the JEE Topper.


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